Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Persona slides and other stuff

I'm back home from Malaga and finally uploaded my material from our personas exercise:
Slides as pdf, 214kb. You can find the rest of the stuff on the kde-wiki page for the personas exercise -- included is the the mindmap of the target user group and of the two personas we created during the exercise in kdissert format, as a png image and as a linear html file. There is also a kdissert file without the actual data that you can use as a skeleton when creating your own personas.
This also means you finally have the end of the persona series that I promised months ago in Personas part 2 -- whoops, it was only supposed to take a few days until part 3 :o...
The whole persona process is on the slides, including an even easier way for getting the info about your target users than the one I blogged about.


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